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adidas Inspiration Boards
Print. Layout. Photography. Art Direction.

It’s important for creative people to stay inspired, and designers need to be informed about trends in their field. So, whether I’m traveling for inspiration or simply skimming my favorite design blogs, I keep track of what’s going on in graphics and product design. This practice has been helpful in keeping other team members informed as well.

Below is a small sampling of books I’ve created. These are generally handed out to team members at project kick-offs or during brainstorming sessions. Some include interviews with industry leaders, while others are simply trend reports.

trend_report_la_14_cover   trend_report_la_14_002   trend_report_la_14_003   trend_report_la_14_004   trend_report_la_14_005   trend_report_nyc_14_cover   trend_report_nyc_14_001   trend_report_nyc_14_002   trend_report_nyc_14_003   trend_report_nyc_14_004   trend_report_Q1-12_cover   trend_report_Q1-12_001   trend_report_Q1-12_002   trend_report_Q1-12_003   trend_report_Q1-12_004   trend_report_Q1-12_005   trend_report_Q1-12_006   trend_report_Q1-12_007

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