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House Paint. Found Type. Wheat Paste.

I’ve never been much of a risk taker when it comes to creativity (ironic, I know). I’m a designer. I plan, then build. I pride myself on calculation and the predictability of the final outcome… It’s how I work. I’m so strategic, in fact, that I’m forced to have a process for not having a process. Let me explain:

You see, the way I approach a painting contrasts greatly with the way I approach a design project. When I’m designing something, it’s usually for a client, so I tend to be very methodical in my execution. Every pixel, point, and character is accounted for. Everything is in its place and nothing is left to chance.

Painting is a different story. Applying the “laws of chance” to a piece forces me to let go in a way that I can’t with design. Sure, I typically have a loose idea of the mood I want to convey, but that’s it. I don’t draw it out or plan the composition. I just start painting, building off each component in a very linear fashion without looking back or second guessing the brush strokes. The painting is what it is.


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